Tucked Up Under His Wing

I had my ct scan a week ago and waited a few days before contacting my doctor’s office about it. The imaging place had told me that they would send it to my doctor that day but several days later, my doctor still hadn’t received it. If there’s something that I can tell you about going through medical situations, it’s the fact that you have to be your own advocate. I have to call about everything as things are rarely done as they should be. I’ve had to call my insurance company, my doctors, and other places to stay on top of things. Otherwise, you get lost in the shuffle. No one cares about your own health like you do so never feel embarrassed to call and find out things. I’m not saying to make a pest of yourself because that has the opposite results, but there’s nothing wrong with checking in and making sure you’re getting the information or the referrals you need to get. Anyway, back to my story….

I finally received a call from the nurse practitioner. I’ve not had a lot of dealings with her but was concerned because she said something about the tumor in my upper abdomen. Now, I’ve never been told that I have any cancer in the upper abdomen so this was quite a shock. She also said that they had compared this scan to one in May. I’ve had another scan between so it should have been compared to that one. I didn’t think about this until after we hung up! I have the report for that ct scan that was done in July and as I read it over, there is nothing about cancer in the upper abdomen. In fact, it says that my abdomen and pelvis area are clear. I also compared the numbers myself from the report because I knew it really mattered what the cancer has done since that last ct scan. It has shrunk but not a lot. So although I am happy that it’s smaller, I am wondering if this is normal to have such small shrinkage of the tumors?

My next chemo treatment is next Tuesday on the 21st so I will ask the doctor about all these questions I have. Another question is if they will still stay with the 6 chemo treatments they initially had thought I would need or will I have to do more? I know that this new chemo drug they had to substitute when I had the allergic reaction is not as effective so that might be what is causing the slower and smaller shrinkage. All of these things are questions I never thought I would have to even consider. Cancer throws me into a whole new world that I’d rather not be in.

However, I do know that the Lord is using this situation to grow my faith and, hopefully, to help others in their faith. I also know that there is someone out there that might be going through something similar and I hope that I can encourage them as the Lord does me.

I haven’t been reading my Bible as much as I would like to. I have been so incredibly tired and weak and find it hard to concentrate. I am so glad that I have studied and memorized Scriptures throughout the years as I can recall those things that comfort me. God talks to us through His Word and it has become such a blessing to know so much of the Bible. I find myself praying a lot, not only for myself, but for others. Lying in bed so much has given me the time and inclination to think of others and pray for them. I also find it such a comfort to just talk to God when I’m alone so much. I am alone but I’m not alone because Jesus is always here with me. I’m tucked up under His wing feeling protected and comforted.

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