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Making Memories

Our weather has been all over the place. Cold one day and summer-like warm the next. I’ve been suffering from a cough for 2 months and this weather doesn’t help. I caught a virus from my son, and, the worst of the symptoms are gone, but the cough lingers. I’ve heard other people complaining about […]

Day By Day

I’ve started my chemo treatments again. It’s been harder this time. I’m feeling more tired, more sick and have been in more pain. I really do just have to get through it day by day. To look ahead any farther seems daunting to me. I focus on doing what I can to feel better and […]

Joyful Comfort

Life can be very difficult. I have found myself in a season of suffering. Sometimes when people say, “a season of suffering”, they may mean a few weeks, a few months or maybe a year. My season of suffering has been years. The last two years have been almost unbearable and I’m still in that […]