Meet Bunty!

I have a new puppy! My youngest son got her for me as he knew I’ve wanted another Yorkshire Terrier for a long time after losing my beloved Holly. He thought she would be good for me, and he was right. I was really nervous about caring for a new puppy as my strength is not what it was, but she’s been such a joy that it’s been really good. She’s a chocolate colored Yorkie and I had never heard of that but she’s so beautiful! I love her colors and her eyes are just amazing.

I was a little worried about how Mitzi would like her, but she’s adored her! She treats her like her little baby They play together and Mitzi watches over her like a mother hen. It’s really helped Mitzi to have a friend again. I knew she was lonely after Cookie passed away, but I hadn’t realized how much she had changed. She’s acting like her old self now and it’s been so good to see.

Bunty is a name from a favorite series of books by Ellis Peters about Inspector Felse. His wife’s name is Bunty and when I saw that name, I knew if I ever got a new dog, I would name her Bunty.

I’m so thankful for my son for this wonderful gift of such a sweet puppy. She’s just amazing and my son is the absolute best for always thinking of ways to make my life happier and better. He always knows! He’s such a huge, huge blessing to me.

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  1. Vickie

    Oh. My. Goodness! You are SO blessed! And I am SO jealous!! 😉 Bunty is beyond precious Julie. Love her. Just love her. Her and Mitzi look so adorable together. 🙂 Your son is such a good man.


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