Joyful Comfort

Life can be very difficult. I have found myself in a season of suffering. Sometimes when people say, “a season of suffering”, they may mean a few weeks, a few months or maybe a year. My season of suffering has been years. The last two years have been almost unbearable and I’m still in that deep cavern of suffering. There are days where tears are my constant companion and loneliness follows me like a shadow.

However, there is a light that shines down and keeps me from being enveloped by total darkness. That light is Jesus. I cry out to Him, share my burdens and my heart and He hears me and comforts me. Oh, the beautiful joy of knowing Jesus as my Savior!

My story is unique but there are aspects of it that I’m sure you can relate to. we all have times of suffering whether through illness, grief, loss, or something else that we weren’t expecting. We can be going along and all of a sudden the road drops out from underneath us, leaving us with a heart that’s beating fast and feeling as though we can barely breathe. It’s not something any of us would ask for, but in our world, it happens.

I will share more of my story as I go along but I wanted to let you know what this site will be about…the hope we have in Jesus.

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