He Is So Faithful

I’ll be doing chemo again on Tuesday, the 31st. The doctor’s office called me and said that the doctor has decided to substitute the chemo drug I had an allergic reaction to, with a sister drug to that one. There’s more side effects like nausea and ringing in the ears, plus it’s harder on the kidney’s. so, they will be giving me a bag of fluids before and after the infusions. I’m nervous about all this, but I only have a few more treatments to suffer through.

I’ve been very tired but that’s just normal. I did paint one afternoon and my son’s helped me deep clean my bedroom. I spend so much time in my bedroom that I felt that it needed to be cleaner and fresher. I am so grateful to them for their help as I simply wouldn’t have had the energy to do all that they did.. Plus, it just makes me feel better knowing I’m in a clean room.


I never finished this post so thought I would just add information as to what the outcome of my chemo treatment was. I did fine with it, although it was a very long day. I ended up being there past 6 pm and the nurse stayed to finish everything up. She was also very sweet and let my son come back with me during the last 2 hours of my treatment because there was no one else there. They haven’t been allowing him back the past 3 treatments because of you know what. It has made it so much more stressful for me not having him there with me during the treatments. I’ve heard other patients say the same thing. Having a support system right there makes such a huge difference.

The change in the chemo drug knocked me for a loop two days after. Before, I would get terrible pain in my feet and ankles. It felt like every bone was broken. However, I was never as weak or dizzy as I got on this new medicine. It knocked me down for a full week. I’m still much weaker and more tired than normal and that’s saying something….I’m always really tired. Thankfully, my youngest son has been a rock through this whole thing and has supported me in so many ways. He has made me food for the freezer so I’ll have good food to eat and has made sure I have fresh fruits. Mind you – he works a full time job on top of all this at a very demanding job so he is being so self sacrificing. I’m so incredibly blessed to have him.

I’m having my next ct scan tomorrow. It’s to determine if the chemo has been working to get rid of the cancer. I do have good news as far as finally getting the results from the last ct scan. The nurse called and said that they are seeing improvement on all previous disease and her words were, “It’s amazing”. So that was such good news and I am so very grateful to God for all He has done for me. Yes, this road I’m on is hard but I’m never alone – Jesus walks this road with me.

I’ve not been doing anything much. Like I said, this treatment has knocked me for a loop. I’ve been watching a lot of television and listening to my Christian teachings online. I’m so thankful for the good teaching that I can listen to any time I want.

Please keep me in your prayers for the next ct scan results. I’m praying there will be another huge improvement with the cancer being eradicated! I am seeing God working through all this and blessing me so much He is so faithful!

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