Being Creative

I have been doing my best to do housework each day. Even if it’s just little things that need to be done. I try to keep moving as much as possible. I do get very tired so take breaks, but I take happiness from the little things I can accomplish! It does help me to move every day, and keeps me from feeling exhausted.

I’ve been crocheting. I bought a pattern for heart centered coasters and made them for my family and friends for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a few pictures of the different colors I did.

These have been really fun for me to make and give away. I also find them good for me to make when I can’t sleep. Making one or two and I’m ready to head back to bed and get some rest!

I was supposed to get my ct scan tomorrow. but they called me today to tell me they had to cancel my appointment because the radiologist is out of the office this week! I was rather shocked! Anyway, I was able to reschedule for Thursday at the clinic in the next town over so at least I’ll still be getting it done this week. I feel like we are dragging our feet on this. Plus, I already know I’ll have to have a pet scan to get a real understanding of what’s going on so the sooner I get the cat scan done, the better! Of course, I’m praying for good news!

I have also been able to do my counted cross stitch again! It makes me so happy! My fingers have been so numb for so long and my eyes are still trying to recover from the chemo, but I’ve figured out how to use my magnifying light in a certain way that I can see! My fingers are still numb but not so bad that I can’t grip my needle to I’m very happy and thankful. Here’s what I’ve been working on


This is a Mill Hill kit called Chickadee’s. It’s been great fun working on it while listening to my audiobooks! Here’s what the finished project will look like

All in all, I feel like I’m trying to live as normally as possible with this horrible cancer still hanging over my head. I’m so thankful for my friends who pray for me and for their encouragement. Most of all, I’m thankful that I can lean on the arms of Jesus when I’m feeling afraid or discouraged. He truly sustains me!

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  1. Vickie

    Good Morning Julie! I love, love, love these coasters you have created. The pink ones you sent me are fabulous and we are all using them daily. Thank you my friend. I am praying for you and the upcoming scans. God bless you my friend.


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